18th Annual IFPA European Footbag Championship


Registration fee: 40,-€ / incl. the entry fee for the players party on friday

Online registration is now open!!

Registration is MANDATORY for all competitors by the deadline of June 13th.
So please register and pay online right now:


If you want to compete at Euros this year, you MUST register online
and PAY by June 13th, 2016.
There will be NO on-site or late registration. Whether you are a
competitor or a sideline player, please register and pay here today:


If you're a non-competitor, you're still asked to pay in advance to
simplify check-in and help confirm headcounts.

This year you can pay the registration fee only by bank transfer and
since bank transfers can take some time to be processed, we strongly
recommend you make your payment right away.
Registration takes just a couple of minutes, so there is no reason not
to do it now.

If you don't have a credit card or can't use a bank transfer, you may
ask a friend to pay on your behalf. Please make sure to mention the
memo code as stated in the Bank Transfer Instructions*
* You must include the above "Memo" code when you send this payment,
so we can properly attribute it to your tournament registration. Note
that if you are paying for multiple people, you can simply send one
bank transfer as above, with the total of all payments due, but you
must include all these codes in the payment so we can attribute them
to all the proper registrations.

You can still change your registration any time you like, before the
deadline of June 15th. This includes finding/changing partners up
until the very last day of online registration.

If you don't have a partner, that's okay -- go ahead and register and
pay without a partner for each event you need a partner for. Then,
when registration closes, we will send an email to each registrant
giving a list of available partners who have registered so that you
can pair up.

It will be up to you to confirm your partnership with your partner,
and to update your registration form. (It will be possible to
add/remove partners for 48 hours after the deadline. But you may not
make any other changes at that point.)

If you have any problems with your payment please contact directly
Eurik Lindner at Eurik@footbag.org

Also, don't wait to reserve your accommodation in Frankfurt.
Please check the MAP

Registration and Net:
IGS West School, Palleskestraße 20, 65929 Frankfurt am Main
Helene-Lange-Schule, Breuerwiesenstraße 4, 65929 Frankfurt am Main


Footbag Freestyle events:
Open, Women's, Doubles and Intermediate Routines,
Circle Contest and Shred:30.
Sideline-event: Request

Footbag Net events:
Open, Women's and Intermediate Singles Net;
Open, Women's, Mixed and Intermediate Doubles Net.

All events happen if at least 4 players/teams registered. Otherwise events may be merged together.

Preliminary Net Schedule:
IGS West School, Palleskestraße 20, 65929 Frankfurt am Main


14h30 Registration at the Sports Hall
15h-18h OSN + WSN Pools + Brackets
18h-19h OSN Round of 16 + consolations + WSN Finals + 3rd Place
19h-20h OSN 1/4-Finals

Saturday: Net tournament starts on time

10h-12h30 MDN Pools
13h-15h30 ODN + WDN Pools
16h-17h ODN Round of 16 + consolations + WDN Finals + 3rd Place
17h-18h ODN 1/4-Finals
18h-19h OSN 1/2-Finals + consolations
19h-20h OSN Finals + 3rd Place

Sunday: Net tournament starts on time

10h-11h MDN 1/4-Finals + consolations
11h-12h30 MDN 1/2-Finals
13h-14h30 MDN Finals + 3rd Place
15h-16h30 ODN 1/2-Finals + consolations
17h-18h30 ODN Finals + 3rd Place


Preliminary Freestyle Schedule:
Helene-Lange-School, Breuerwiesenstraße 4, 65929 Frankfurt am Main


14h30 Registration at the Sports Hall (IGS West School, Palleskestraße 20)
15h-20h Casual shred


12h30 Players Meeting
13h-14h Routine Qualification
15h-16h Circle Qualification
16h-19h Rest or Casual Shred
19h Routine Finals


13h-14h Shred30
14h30-15h Sick 3
15h30-16h Request Contest
16h30 Circle Finals

Important Information:


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